Books in the Library


The media center offers a wide variety of books for our students to choose from.  The collections in the library media center is divided into the following categories:  Fiction, Easy Fiction, Non-Fiction, Reference and Professional Collection (Teachers).   

Fiction books provide a way for us to escape reality for just a little while.  Imagine attending a school for wizards, like in the Harry Potter series, or being shipwrecked on an island in Gordon Korman's Island Trilogy.


There are different genres in fiction to choose from:  realistic, fantasy, science fiction, mystery or historical fiction.




Easy Fiction books are suitable for young readers.  This collection includes the picture books which usually has about 32 pages of words and pictures.  Other books found in this location include the Easy Fiction Chapter Books.  Students will recognize these books with the spine label sticker that says, "ABC."



























The Professional Collection is a section in the library for teaching staff to use and check out.  The materials in this collection include video, magazines, books and games. Only a school personnel can check out items in this section.



We use the Accelerated Reader program in the school library media centers.  You can check the reading level of a book by using the Accelerated Reader website.



Non-Fiction books are categorized with the Dewey Decimal Classification.  Students will start learning the Dewey Decimal system in Grade 1, and continue through fifth grade.




























Reference books never leave the library.  This collection includes dictionaries, almanacs, encyclopedias and yearbooks.  These books are also divided into categories from using the Dewey Decimal system.

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